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Uncategorized Jan 06, 2023

It's been nearly three years since our whole world changed forever. 

Rather than being stuck in the negative, yogis elevate their awareness and train themselves to focus on the positive. 

We have so much appreciation for our loved ones, our health, and our extended family of 600+ yoga teacher graduates.

Since the pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before. 

And guess what?

That includes you! The yoga teachers and the wanna-be yoga teachers.

Some people have the impression that online training is "inferior" to in-person training. 

We've led in-person training around the globe for 10+ years, and can confidently say that's just not the case. 

We have perfected our online RYT-200 Hero's Journey. 

When you choose to train with us, you're getting the best that online learning has to offer. 

💛 Peers keep you motivated and accountable from day one until we celebrate your graduation, just like in-person training.

💛 You'll enjoy lifetime access to all of the material which offers peace of mind and flexibility.

💛 Start watching the second you enroll. High-quality videos of lectures and practices for tight schedules. 

Why am I reaching out today?

Right now is the best time to sign up for our training. It gives you the ideal amount of time to watch, read, and study all the fun, professionally pre-recorded material before our live calls begin. 

We can't wait to celebrate you and welcome you into this training group!

Just click here for details and discount code.

Questions? Feel free to email [email protected]

ps: already a 200-hour yoga teacher? Explore our 300/500 program here!


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