College life in my forties (🤓) is much different than in my twenties (🍺)!

College life in my forties () is much different than in my twenties ()!

A lot has happened this Fall, so I thought I’d give you a little update…

1 I celebrated my 42nd birthday.

2 My social media accounts were hacked during the first week of school.  Thanks to an incredible friend who worked magic, I'm back in business!

3 Harvard Divinity School has been truly transformative.

The theme of this first semester is “Yoga as Spiritual Care.” 

We’ve all experienced yoga’s mental and physical benefits, yet I would suggest the spiritual benefits are even greater.

My daily routine is somewhat of a spiritual boot camp:

Sadhana (practice) in my apartment
Svadhyaya (study) at Harvard
Sangha (community) connection with our HJY tribe online

And the best part...

All that I’ve been reading, experiencing, and practicing has culminated in a brand new course that I’ll facilitate next month at HJY University:

Yoga as Spiritual Care

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7 Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Have you ever felt like you don’t belong, or everyone is going to find out that you don’t deserve your achievements?


If you can relate to those feelings of chronic self-doubt, you’ve probably experienced imposter syndrome.

You’re not alone - studies suggest 70% of people experience imposter syndrome at some point in their career. 


Overall, imposter syndrome stems from a high sense of self-doubt. Instead of attributing your success to your skills, you might downplay your success and attribute it to luck.


Signs You Might Be Suffering from Imposter Syndrome:

Do you relate to any of these patterns?

  • Perfectionism. You may set high goals for yourself. Because your goal is perfection, the smallest mistakes may make you feel like a failure.
  • Attribute success to luck. You downplay your success because you don't believe you deserve success, or you believe you're just lucky.
  • Unable to recognize success. Instead of celebrating your...
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