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Uncategorized Sep 07, 2023

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Do you need to become a scholar in ancient yogic texts to practice or teach yoga?

Of course not, yet as we continue exploring the rich offerings of the yogic tradition, these sacred texts may answer some of our most important questions. 📚

The first week of classes is underway at Harvard Divinity School, and just like last year, I'm eager to engage in courses relevant to students and teachers of yoga.

It's a blessing to learn and study with great scholars, such as Reverend Dr. Francis X. Clooney, who, in addition to dedicating his entire life to serving as a Jesuit priest, has been rigorously studying yoga philosophy for half a century.

Professor Clooney’s course on the Upanishads is particularly intriguing. The ancient Indian Upanishads are considered some of the oldest and most famous Vedic texts—dating back to 700 BC—yet are absolutely relevant to modern yogis.

Now, it's important to note that a beginner yogi (or yoga teacher) is not required to be an expert in these sacred texts. Yet, as our practice deepens, a hunger to explore the deep meaning of yoga tends to grow from within. At least, this is the experience of many of our students and yoga teacher community.

Here’s a taste of some topics we will explore this semester:

  • The nature of the Self
  • The nature of this world and the world within
  • The nature of the ultimate Reality
  • Relationship between teacher and student
  • Knowledge as transformative
  • The limits of language
  • The role of God
  • Meditation practice
  • Death and re-birth
  • Knowledge and ethics
  • Whether the Upanishads are useful today—and to whom
  • Dispelling ignorance
  • The reception of the Upanishads by other faith traditions

At this point, I've either scared you away from yoga (🤦‍♂️🤣) or intrigued you to seek a stronger understanding of this philosophy and lifestyle.

Also, please remember that to get started as a yoga teacher, you don't need to be an expert in all texts. However, as a seeker of truth, don’t be surprised if your daily practices on the mat cause you to ask deeper spiritual questions that are ultimately explored by this ancient yoga tradition.

If you feel inspired to take your yoga practice to the next level, and become a Certified Yoga Teacher, join our next teacher training.

The RYT-200-hour Hero's Journey starts soon. 

Hope to see you soon, my friend! 😍

Happy Jack :) 


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