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Uncategorized Jan 31, 2023

Wanna know what my daily rituals are?

Though I'm still capable of one-arm handstands, they are no longer part of my daily practice. 😂

⚠️ Disclaimer: I realize not everyone is able to dedicate hours to their daily rituals. It's a little easier for me. I have no kids, I live by myself, and yoga is my life—personally, professionally, and academically.

The key is to decide what's right for you.

Even 5 minutes a day—done consistently—can change your life.

I've been developing this daily ritual since 1998 when I became obsessed with health. My wellness journey began 25 years ago (when I weighed 100 pounds more than today).

So here we go, my daily rituals (and yes, Hanna would call this my bootcamp 😂...but I love it!):


⏰ 4am—wake-up

🧊 4:15am—cold plunge (bathtub)

🍋 4:25am—adrenal cocktail (lemon, fulvic minerals, salt, water)

🤸‍♂️ 4:35am—yoga asana

💨 4:45am—pranayama (breath work) 

📿 4:55am—mantra meditation

🌱 5:10am—pre-workout greens

🦁 5:15am—workout (3 strength training days, 3 cardio days, 1 active rest day per week)

🌱 6:15am—nutrition (protein smoothie and oatmeal)

💊 6:30am—supplements (vitamins B, C, D, and probiotic)

✍️ 6:35am—daily planner & gratitude journal

💦 6:55am—shower

☀️ 7:10am—mantra walk outside (sunlight)

🤓 7:30am—study yoga philosophy & Sanskrit

📚 8:30am—school + work day begins



💤 12:30pm—yoga nidra (aka yogic sleep, 20min)



✍️ 6:30pm—gratitude journal

🙏 6:45pm—restorative yoga

📿 7pm—mantra walk outside

🔥 7:30pm—epsom salt bath (or sauna when at home in 🇨🇦)

💤 8pm—lights out


Note: these rituals are always evolving.

I'm constantly researching the latest science, deepening practices according to the ancient yogic traditions, and most importantly—listening to what is right for me.

Not everyone can (nor needs to) spend as much time as I do. However, consistency is key.

Yoga requires discipline (tapas). 🔥

Decide which practices you are committed to daily, and enjoy them! 😃

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Happy practicing!


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