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Uncategorized Jan 04, 2023

Curious how yoga teacher training can impact your life?

Here's what Marjaana shared with our community:


I just wanted to come and say that I feel so much happiness these days! 🥰

The last few years have been really tough and I am just starting to realize how bad I had been feeling. I haven't been myself (happy and energized) in a long time!

I have been feeling a lot better since I started my Happy Jack Yoga journey. It has been part of my healing story.

I have had my struggles in my jobs, and lots of sorrow from my parents fighting cancer.

About a month ago we got amazing news about my mom, she does not have any active cancer in her body! She really has fought a lot and she is doing so well!

She is my hero! 😍 And my dad is doing so well also with his cancer treatments.

I shared with all of you about 2 months ago that I was starting a new job in a maternity and contraception clinic as a ward nurse (middle management).

And I am finally where I am supposed to be!

The job has started so well, I am enjoying every day, with very talented people around me!

Aaaand I have had the energy to start teaching yoga.

I have started my very first Yin Yoga 6-week course. I have 11 students joining me on Sunday Zoom calls. ❤️

I know teaching yoga classes will be a side job for me, at least for now, because I just looove my new job!

But I really love how I can be a yoga teacher as a leader in my job also!

Oh yeah, and I also lost a few kilos from my weight just by being this happy. 😂

So just wanted to come and say thank you for this amazing community that has been such a big part of my journey! And will be, because I am not going anywhere. 🤣😘😍


And we would love to support you!

The Hero's Journey (aka RYT-200-hour Yoga Teacher Training) starts soon!

Join us at Happy Jack Yoga University today. 

We're an online school where you get certified from the comfort of your home while you continue to work and be with your family.


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This is your time, and we've got your back. ❤️

Happy Jack :)

P.S.: Wanna find out if this is right for you? Email [email protected] and we're happy to answer your questions.


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